Sunday, 3 August 2014

From The Series Of Where To Put Your Butt Also Known As As The Seat Series The Couch Of Doom

" Dare ya "

My friend Avie Taunted


"go on"
"go on"
"go on"
I scream nearly crying
She yells back
I stepped back what's got into us, I can see my surprise reflected in her beautiful dark green eyes
"Kittie, i, i, I'm really sorry" she stammers
i snort forget were i am and fling myself onto the old tattered couch Avie screams.
dark tentacles embrace my body, limp with shock wrapping themselves around my neck strangling the yells
and pushing out the little air i had left in my lungs after me and Avie's shouting match
and finally, i start to put up a fight, clawing at the tentacles ripping at the already ripped at couch, sobbing i don't want to die until at last i collapse, a broken soul only just important enough for the government to put a miniature article in the daily newspaper for peoples enjoyment and direct fake forlorn apologies to family and friends.

 You Spent Months Making Her
You Spent Years Watching her
You could lose her in Minutes

Kittie Melben :At Pukerua bay beach

Girls Argument Turns Nasty After Girl Sits  On Couch Of Doom
Yesterday a small argument turned quickly into a funeral after Kittie Melben a fifteen year-old from Pukerua Bay was killed by the Dreaded COUCH OF DOOM !!! Friend Avie Goud  was there to witness this event “i'm astonished i don't know what to say its its terrible “.

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